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Want to Know What Can Go Wrong with Your Heating and Cooling System?

Want to Know What Can Go Wrong with Your Heating and Cooling System?

What Are the Different Kinds of HVAC Service Equipment?

There are many different kinds of HVAC service equipment available. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment come in various styles and techniques; however, they are designed to operate the internal temperature of a room. The kind of equipment which will be used will vary depending on the needs of the user and the size of the room.

Radiator systems are the dinosaurs of all the types of HVAC equipment. Usually seen in older homes and industrial buildings, this method runs hot and cold water via pipes which are built into a structure. The temperature of the water will heat or cool the room. This kind of HVAC service equipment is reliant upon a totally closed system. Any leaks or breakages within the system will mean the water will escape.

Air-based equipment utilizes a fan to move the hot or cold air via a series of ducts which release the air to different rooms. The air is heated by going over a heated coil found in a furnace or cooler in an air conditioner unit. The air is then made to circulate the room by the fan, thus changing the room’s air temperature.

A heat pump is a common kind of HVAC equipment and can be usually seen in homes. It also has an exterior compressor and an internal handler which moves the heat from one room to the other. It is then circulated through a room with the help of fans. The pump is used to cool by removing the heat and pumping it back outside.

A gas furnace and air conditioner are two different types of HVAC equipment that are used in climates that come with a large temperature spread. The furnace can use natural or propane gas as its primary fuel source. Heat is generated via the controlled combustion of gas, heating the air. The same method is used for cooling, except the air is pushed over a cooling coil, not a heating one.

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