Not Sure What Type of Expert You Need to Look at Your AC System?

What Is the Job Description of an AC System Repair Technician?

An AC system repair technician is someone who is usually licensed and insured to maintain and repair HVAC units in residential or business structures. He receives training in specialized schools. Most HVAC technicians get or have a degree in applied science.

To provide quality service, the repair technician has to be knowledgeable with the internal circuitry of AC systems. He often will repair such things as heat pumps, compressors, and duct work on air conditioning systems. He will work weekends and off peak hours to provide emergency services.

He could face several issues in his day to day job. He could be required to repair an air conditioning coil that has frozen up or to rewire a thermostat that doesn’t work properly. He may need to order certain components for an AC that is not working efficiently. The air conditioning technicians job also involves troubleshooting any electrical problems.

In many cases, an AC system repair technician will do duct work cleaning. This usually means cleaning out any air ducts to get rid of dust and mold that does pose health concerns, this could be part of his routine maintenance.

The technician works on central air and window units. In addition to his other duties, he may install units as well. As part of his job, a repairman may do evaluations. In most cases, he will inspect all the AC parts, and perform a diagnostic test to find an effective solution. After the repair work is finished, the technician will give advice on how to care for an energy efficient HVAC system.

The AC technician could also perform any refrigeration repairs. Even though not every air conditioning technician works on refrigerator units, some are qualified to do so, and to work on plumbing and heating as well.

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